God of War (TV version)

I worked on God of War trailer as my first professional project at Unit Image. I essentially rigged some specific assets (bow, arrow, shield, ...). Moreover I also participated on some secondary characters rig. Click here to see the Officiel Trailer

On this trailer, I rigged Shiney's ship and I participated in the different characters. Click here to see the Officiel Cinematic Trailer

Beyond Good and Evil 2 (E3 2018)


The Sinking City : Death May Die (Trailer)

I worked on every rig and developed several scripts for the tentacles in order to simplify the animators work. Click here to see the Officiel Trailer


Perrier & Juice

I was included in the team for the Perrier advertisement development. I rigged some leaves and fruits, especially the opening fruit at the end. Click here to see the advertizement